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Visitors may be inspired by the visual beauty of the natural landscape and rural small-town culture of Glenorchy, by elements shaped by human hands using a traditional skill or craft, by the scent of a natural oil, or by the comforting touch of natural materials. All these sensory elements are incorporated into the visitor experience at The Headwaters Eco Lodge.

Following the principles of the Living Building Challenge, The Lodge has created a warm, welcoming environment that inspires and uplifts the human spirit. Our building designs are deeply connected to the land and respectful of the surrounding environment. Throughout the lodge, cabins and gardens, visitors discover creative touches from New Zealand artists and craftspeople to educate and delight.

Influence and Inspire

Like us, the Living Building Challenge recognises beauty as a key factor in preserving, conserving and serving the greater good. At the lodge, we believe education and discovery also play a key role in this process.

We love to share stories of what inspires us, from the natural environment to the remarkable people we meet to the beauty of growing, cooking and eating our own food and more. We aim to inspire others to pause, reflect, embrace and perhaps initiate positive change in their own lives and communities. We hope the choices we’ve made in the design, construction and operation of The Headwaters Eco Lodge will inspire better and more beautiful buildings and lives around the world.

Interior design

Great attention to detail has gone into the interior design of buildings at The Headwaters Eco Lodge. Rooms and common spaces convey a sense of cosiness and 'homey-ness' while using materials that are recycled, healthy and/or locally sourced and pleasant to see, touch and live with.

Scheelite shelter at The Headwaters Eco Lodge

Artists and crafts

Local artists and craftspeople worked during the construction of The Headwaters Eco Lodge to incorporate beautiful and meaningful works of art throughout the site. Local artist Dan Kelly designed the campfire shelter at the heart of the property, a gathering place for guests to share stories and experiences from their day.  Our goal was to tap into each artist’s unique ability to help us celebrate the beautiful landscape around us and tell the story of the region.

The braided rivers and surrounding mountains that shape the valleys north of Glenorchy were interpreted by talented artists and transformed into naturally-inspired patterns and decorative features throughout the site for the delight of guests and staff.

Lounge at The Headwaters Lodge

A catalyst for change

At The Headwaters Eco Lodge we believe that creating nourishing experiences and long-lasting memories helps spark a desire to make positive changes in guests' own lives, homes and communities once they return home.

We designed and built spaces that invite our guests to gather and interact with each other, nurturing the creation of communities that feel connected to Glenorchy and span the globe. 

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Beauty can be expressed in many forms and is a very personal experience.
Celebrating design that uplifts the human spirit
The Headwaters Eco Lodge has been designed to achieve Net Zero Energy Building Certification (NZEB) 
in accordance with the requirements of the Living Building Challenge
Harnessing energy from the sun for operation
The Headwaters Eco Lodge seeks to foster a healthy relationship with the entirety of its surrounding environment.
Supporting a just equitable world
Health & Happiness
Human health, comfort and happiness are deeply affected by many aspects of our environment, including the air we breathe, the surfaces we touch, the noises we hear, and the views we see.
Creating spaces that optimise health and wellbeing
The building industry is a significant user of chemicals and products which are considered “worst in class” for their impact on human and environmental health.
Using products that are safe for all species through time
The site will feature a variety of elements that are designed to reduce effects on our local environment – including the air, waterways and soil.
Restoring a healthy relationship with nature
The Headwaters has been designed, built and operated to allow us to provide for our own water needs as much as possible.
Operating within the local water balance